What's your Les Mis dream cast!

I’ve never actually made one, I just kind of have lists upon lists of my favourites.  BUUUT.  I spent the past two hours contemplating and trying and here we go.  This is just so hard because there’s still so many more people to discover and fall in love with and jashdfjasdhf.  OKAY let’s try this.  Some of these people are too old to play their characters again, but yeah.

Valjean - John Owen Jones

Javert - Norm Lewis

Fantine - Kerry Ellis

Cosette - Katie Hall

Eponine - Samantha Barks 

Marius - Josh Young 

Enjolras - Ramin Karimloo

Thenardier - Alun Armstrong

Mme Thenardier - Jennie Galloway 

Gavroche - Robert Madge 

Aaand I don’t even know if I’m happy with this cast, but it’d be cool to see them all together.